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The Ignorance of Main Stream Media Displayed

The "main stream media," egged on by the black politicians and phony organizations as the "Proverty Law Center," seize upon the happenings of mad white men killing masses of strangers, to write stories and editorials disparaging the character of R.E. Lee for the political purpose of justifying the lack politicians and their "progressive" pals in their crusade to tear down the monuments the white people of the South established in their reconstructed cities, towns, and on their county courthouse squares. In joining the crusade, however, the writers the main stream media uses, to push its agenda, display in their pieces an ignorance of American History, of the original nature of the Federal Union the framers created, and of both Constitutional law and the Law of Nations. Their ignorance is shared by most high school students and, probably, a substantial percentage of college students, for the reason that the "history teachers" the students have been exposed to, or shall we say, trapped with in a classroom, have themselves no intelligent understanding of the subject of the American Civil War. So, crap in, crap out.

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The main war horse galloping along the media highways, swiping at General Lee's head with his sword, is the fellow who is angling to step casually into the shoes of the finally disappearing wonder, James M. McPherson: Gettysburg College, Henry R. Luce III Professor of the Civil War Era.

Joe Ryan