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The Wonder of
Women and Islam


"To begin with the concept of freedom, you must first realize that for a muslim the word freedom does not have the same meaning that you will find in the Oxford Dictionary. Islamically, freedom means to be free from the slavery of this world, the society, the culture. It is God who has the right to set the standard and not society—this in the eyes of the muslim is what freedom is. Saudi Arabia has freedom, freedom that is islamically correct, not secularly.

We do not believe that doing what you want to do, wearing what you want to wear, is freedom. If you are wearing immodest clothing it is not because you are free, but because you are a slave to society. You believe that what society wants, is actually the truth. You are only thinking of your society, you are not thinking ahead of that.

We have to create a society where it is easy for females to practice islam. It is in our human nature that we like to do what society tells us to do. That is slavery to society. Females have the capacity to compete with other females (for men?) so if there is no competition (hiding your sex behind a hijab) the female can follow islam."

Note: Do you understand what she said? She links wearing "immodest" clothing with society, arguing that women wear such clothing to conform to society; as opposed to the idea they wear what they want to wear, because they are free, and do not have to put up with men abusing them. But, as the next one says, you not only must not anger your peers by competing with them for men, but you save the men who lust for you, from sin.

"We made this door after we moved in, it allows us to move from one apartment to another without having to go outside and wearing the hijjab."

Q.        Do you normally dress like this in the house?

A.        No, I just dress like this when I go out, or I meet men. I have to, you know, work with men.

Q.        But you're wearing the hijjab now.

A.        Yes, because I am on video and will be exposed to the world. So I would rather be covered.

Query: What exactly is it about her that she doesn't want exposed to the world? What she looks like? The shape of her nose, her cheekbones, the quality of her teeth. Her smile? Her form? She hides herself from the world in a tent, because why? Something about being a slave to society?     

"The most authentic opinion among scholars is, that is it mandatory for a woman to cover her face. It is a protection not only for her but for the men who may be fascinated or excited by her beauty. And this is what the verses of the Koran lead to."

Kathleen Parker: You want to impose sharia law on everyone that is not a muslim?

Radical cleric:     Sharia law is the divine law God sent by the messenger Mohammad. To us. It is justice for mankind. It will take mankind out of the shackles of man-made law to the prefection and beauty of divine law. I want that everywhere. Surely it is a very noble thing to invite someone to a superior way of life. You know, if the people are being oppressed why should I not invite them to the superior life? America has been living in the darkness and exploitation of man-made law. When we open the doors, when we shine the lights, people don't like the lights but when the people look at sharia law they will see it has a solution for every single problem. My invitation is a peaceful one, to join islam."


It is said there are 2 billion muslims in the world, and 3 billion Christians. There is no appreciable difference between the teachings of the one religion versus the other. The only practical difference is that in the modern world, the clerics of Christianty have lost the charm of ruling over the world while the clerics of islam dream of regaining the heights of Christian Rome.

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