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joe and stonewallThe purpose of this not-for-profit website is to provide students and teachers with an objective analysis of issues regarding President Lincoln and Generals Grant and Lee in the American Civil War. The analysis is based solely upon my examination of the primary evidence presently available in the historical record. I also compare the American experience of the past with the present. I provide videos, based on intelligent comments or questions.

Joe Ryan is a civil trial lawyer who has tried to jury verdict in California courts over 75 serious injury cases, winning 65% of the time. He has successfully argued cases in the Courts of Appeal and has also argued before the California Supreme Court. He has many articles published in legal magazines such as For The Defense, The Advocate, and the Los Angeles Lawyer and is the author of the e-book, "Rebellion Road."

Reading Fitzhugh Lee's biography of General Lee, on a plane ride from Portland Maine to Los Angeles in 1984, Joe was struck by the obvious factual discrepancies a trial lawyer would see in the story Fitz told of his uncle's Antietam and Gettysburg campaigns. This prompted a twenty year investigation of the facts. The investigation forms the basis of Joe's presentation. Much of his material can be read here and viewed at the YouTube channel: JoeRyanCivilWar.

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