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Lee's Ruse of War: Special Order 191 ©

By: Joe Ryan

Who Wrote The Lost Order?

Note:After five years of effort, a match of handwriting samples has been identified, between whoever wrote the words "Harper's Ferry" in the text of the copy of the order held by the Library of Congress as part of the McClellan Papers which is claimed to be the copy handed to McClellan on September 13, 1862.

Here are three samples of the words taken from the subject copy of the order.

Here are two samples taken from a copy of a message Alfred Pleasonton caused to be transmitted to R.B. Marcy, McClellan's chief of staff, at 1:30 a.m. on September 13, 1862. The identity of the writer of this document is not yet known; he was probably a telegrapher that accompanied either Pleasonton to Frederick, or came up to Frederick after Pleasonton entered the place. The document is held by the Library of Congress.

The conclusion, therefore, is that the copy held by the Library

is not the copy handed to McClellan but a copy made thereafter.

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